Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

Today, the Grove is a thriving district that hosts a diverse range of businesses offering up street murals, craft beers, global food choices, dance floors, and spots to shop and grab a coffee. For the month of September, we decided to sit down and chat with Ashley Troutman, the Business and Marketing Operations Manager at Urban Chestnut Brewing Company. Ashley handles the day-to-day procedures of the business, as well as the social media accounts, website content, and internal and external communications.

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The Background

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company was founded by David Wolfe and Florian Kuplent in January 2011 with a mission to create high quality beer and serve the St. Louis Community as a respected business member. David and Florian met while they were both working at Anheuser-Busch. David was working in the marketing and sales department, while Florian worked in yeast development. Florian worked as a brewer and attended the Bavarian College of Food and Beverage Science, and went on to earn a Master’s degree in malting and brewing science at the University of Munich-Weihenstephan in Germany before coming to the United States. In 2008 After Anheuser-Busch was bought out by InBev, David and Florian decided to combine their expertise and open their own brewery.

UCBC opened in The Grove on February 28, 2014 as one of the first craft breweries in the neighborhood. At the time, they were looking for a space in St. Louis city that was large enough for a brewing facility, bierhall, and any expansion to come down the road. The perfect opportunity presented itself in The Grove. The Renard Paper Company building had been sitting vacant for years and was in the heart of The Grove entertainment district. For Urban Chestnut, The Grove was an ideal location and a place they could call home. When asked what their favorite part about The Grove neighborhood, the owners said, “We love the diverse, yet approachable sensibility of our neighborhood, and are constantly excited as our community continues to expand and thrive.”

The Business

UCBC operates three tasting rooms, one in Midtown and two in The Grove. The  large industrial bierhall in The Grove and the traditional German biergarten in Midtown provide very unique experiences from each other and are both available spaces to host events. Across the street from The Grove location at 4465 Manchester is The Urban Research Brewery. The U.R.B offers a quieter, more lowkey experience and serves New York style pizza and canned UCBC beers. In each Urban Chestnut location, the number one priority is to provide high quality and consistent beer.

In the next 5 years, the owners of Urban Chestnut look to maintain their focus on building the community of St. Louis and surrounding region. They hope to do this through their beer offerings, unique experiences at their three breweries, and various festivals they participate in as a business. They also plan to maintain their diligence to sustainability practices and not-for-profit support.

Community Impact

UCBC is very active within the St. Louis community, often donating beer to hundreds of not-for-profit organizations yearly and sponsoring different events such as, Pride Fest, The Grove Criterium, and Grove Fest. Urban Chestnut also has a major partnership with local St. Louis company, Purina, to produce the Urban Underdog beer. In the fall, a portion of every 8-pack of Urban Underdog sold is donated to local animal shelters around St. Louis. Urban Chestnut and Purina also team up to host Dog Day Fridays, a bi-weekly event where a portion of the proceeds are donated to a local animal organization. Dog Day Fridays are hosted at UCBC in The Grove and take place every first and third Friday from May-September. Most recently, Urban Chestnut has teamed up with the St. Louis Zoo  to create, Grizzly Ridge Kölsch, the first official beer of the St. Louis Zoo. The beer is available at the zoo and in local St. Louis grocery stores, and $3 of every case sold is donated to the zoo for its animal care and conservation work.


Urban Chestnut’s 9th Annual Oktoberfest St. Louis will take place September 27th-29th at their Midtown location. To learn more, click here.



For more information on Urban Chestnut, visit their website or check them out on Facebook at Urban Chestnut Brewing Company and Instagram @urbanchestnut.