To the Community:


Dear Friends,

Community Improvements Districts have increasingly become an integral part of successful communities. Community safety, beautification, business retention, and capital improvements are all areas in which CIDs can help fosters vibrant communities and sustainable growth. The Grove Community Improvement District stands as a shining example of their success, marking 10 years of service.

Since 2008, the Grove CID has forged partnerships with property owners, residents, businesses and government agencies to invest more than $2.5M in its 1-mile district along Manchester Avenue. Today the Grove CID stands as a great place to live, work and play – with over 50 diverse businesses, multiple transit options, dedicated patrol officers, host to a multitude of special events attracting thousand from all over the country, and so much more!

Come and visit The Grove!

Best Wishes,

Kelly Kenter, Board Chair




The Grove Community Improvement District

Established in 2009, property owners came together with a shared commitment to improving the area’s safety and appearance, with the goal of strengthening and fostering an active business, entertainment, and residential community. The Grove CID is centrally located in Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. The district stretches nearly one-mile along Manchester Avenue between South Kingshighway Boulevard and Vandeventer Avenue. The Grove is near a host of St. Louis landmarks. Its 4 miles to the Gateways Arch, 1.5 miles to Forest Park and just a half mile to CORTEX Innovation District!


Over the past 20 years, neighborhood organizations, residents, businesses, neighboring universities and medical institutions have invested heavily in the area. This has resulted in a thriving, vibrant and energetic commercial district. Today, this thriving district plays host to a diverse range of businesses offering up street murals, craft beers, global food choices, tattoo parlors, dance floors and spots to shop then grab a coffee. Residents, visitors, and the many businesses that exists along the District reflects its diversity, and this only scratches the surface. There is plenty more fun to be found in The Grove!





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