The Grove CID has several committees business representatives can be a part of. If you are interested in being part of a committee, please contact Matt at All committee meetings are open to the public.

Executive Committee (Resolution 2010-10) and Gift Acceptance Committee (Resolution 2009-23)

  • Brian Phillips (WUMCRC), Chair (Ex Officio)
  • Tom Boldt (Boldt Brothers), Vice Chair (Ex Officio)
  • Kelly Kenter (Sitelines, Inc), Treasurer (Ex Officio)
  • Pete Rothschild (Red Brick), Secretary (Ex Officio)

Finance Committee (Resolution 2008-10)

  • Kelly Kenter (Sitelines, Inc)), Chair (Ex Officio)
  • Brian Phillips (WUMCRC) (Ex Officio)
  • Tom Boldt (Boldt Brothers) (Ex Officio)
  • Pete Rothschild (Red Brick) (Ex Officio)
  • Jack Baumstark (Archway Sales)

Marketing Committee (Resolution 2010-12)

  • Chip Schloss (Atomic Cowboy), Chair (Appointed)
  • Guy Slay (Mangrove Redevelopment) (Appointed)
  • Eric Outlaw (Outlaw Inks & Styles) (Appointed)
  • Jessie Mueller (Rise Coffee House) (Appointed)
  • Leon Braxton (Appointed)
  • Tatyana Telnikova (HandleBar) (Appointed)

Nominations Committee (Resolution 2009-02)

  • Tom Boldt (Boldt Brothers), Chair (Elected)
  • Brian Phillips (WUMCRC) (Elected)
  • Pete Rothschild (Red Brick) (Elected)

Public Services Committee (Resolution 2009-06)

  • Kelly Kenter (Sitelines, Inc), Chair (Appointed Business Owner)
  • Don Bellon (Bellon Wrecking & Salvage) (Appointed Director)
  • Brooks Goedeker (WUMCRC) (Designee of Appointed Director Brian Phillips)
  • Guy Slay (Mangrove Restoration) (Appointed Property Owner)
  • Lana Coleman (Nappy Kitchen) (Appointed Daytime Business Owner)
  • Tom Neimeier (SPACE, LLC) (Appointed Daytime Business Owner)

Safety & Security Committee (Resolution 2009-05)

  • Carlos Carter (Commerce Bank)  (Appointed Director)
  • Enrique Flores (WUMCRC)
  • Lana Coleman (Cultivate Salon)
  • Amy Gill (Restoration STL) (Appointed Property Owner)
  • Don Bellon (Bellon Wrecking & Salvage) (Appointed Daytime Business Owner)
  • Bob Puricilli
  • Dan Stoner (Meyer’s Grove) (Appointed Nighttime Business Owner)

Manchester Holiday Lighting ad hoc Committee

  • Brooks Goedeker (Appointed)
  • Chip Schloss (Appointed)
  • Don Bellon (Appointed)
  • Kelly Kenter (Appointed)
  • Guy Slay (Appointed)

Parking ad hoc Committee

  • Brian Phillips
  • Pete Rothschild
  • Chip Schloss
  • Don Bellon
  • Guy Slay

Grove Quote

I’m in the Grove because of the edginess, location, and most importantly the people who are positive and want to make things happen. — Pete Rothschild, developer

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